We Love You Godbless

While spreading love, peace, and faith God and Jesus has provided myself and others,

WLYG will bring solutions to hunger, homeless, social injustice;

Every issue that is taking the blessings Jesus has promised us which is ultimately peace.

Money raised from music, products, donations and more will fund all of our projects and programs such as Unifying Churches, creating Public Aquaponic Gardens, providing for

parents and children in need and more.

The original Founder of We Love You Godbless

will always be Jesus Christ and we are continuing his journey


Lorenzo Roland


From Ravenswood Projects in Long Island City, NY; I've always try to do what's right following my spirit and the principals of God my family and the Holy Spirit taught me. In pursuit of following my spirit, We Love You Godbless was founded on January 5th, 2013.


My Testimony

When I was 14, I was attacked by 30 people for 15 minutes; during the ordeal there came a moment while blocking punches and kicks from all directions while having liquor poured on me I accepted my fate which I thought was death.


I then thought of all my family, friends and especailly my dog Zoe who was my best friend.

I then thought about God and the voice in my head/spirit said to God -

"I don't know where I'm going but I know I'm leaving here; but no matter where I go, 

I only want to go with you/God."


I then lowered my guard, looked up to the sky and surrendered my life to God while getting my head punched and kicked like a bobblehead.

I saw a white flash, came back to reality with no pain, full of energy like I had just awoken but with no peripheral vision (similar to a horse with blinders). While unaware of what I was looking at as I stared at the floor, I was punched by a 21 year old; the same one who first hit me which started the attack.


I became enraged then attacked him and his peers which caused someone to pull out a knife in an attempt to end my life. Meanwhile one of the 19 year old leaders of the group began to pull me out of the crowd and the person with the knife charged towards me. Out of fear I swept his leg then my 19 year old savior punched him as he fell down and walked me out of the crowd safely. I then saw one of my friends crying her heart out while staring at me; since I felt no pain I asked her what's wrong then my jaw fully dislocated on one end and cracked back into place when I touched it.


I walked to several nearby businesses just wanting to use their bathroom to clean myself up but was refused. One upscale restaurant turned me away before I can speak. I called my mom; she drove and picked me up crying her heart out ready to take me to the hospital but since I was in no pain but just tired in every way, I just wanted to go home and go to sleep.


I arrived home and saw my face in the mirror; it looked liked dried up face paint all over my neck, face, and ears but it was dried up blood on every inch of my visible skin. Thinking my face was destroyed in every way imaginable, I accepted my fate, wet my wash clothe and wiped my face one time. All the blood was gone and my face looked just as normal as it looks today aside from a cut where my jaw broke through my skin.


I realized at that point a miracle had occurred; For me to survive the attack, walk away from it, with no pain, and nearly no visible damage; a miracle and reintroduction to God is exactly what happen and I never disregarded God again.


After witnessing and living more miracles I found Jesus then overcame many more struggles and life threatening situations myself, my family, and friends have faced. 

My Purpose

In 2013, I embraced the purpose God gave me and started We Love You Godbless.

Everything we do is share Jesus's unconditional love to everyone and remind them of his teachings which is already in our hearts and spirits to finish his works and make this world the extension of heaven it was meant to be since the Garden of Eden and the deception of lucifer.

We're using all the world's resources to develop, distribute, and use solutions for all the worlds problems such as using Aquaponic Gardens to provide fresh produce and holistic medicines to those in need.

We're doing all this and more while teaching the world Jesus' unconditional love, peace and faith to heal and uphold our spirits which nothing physical on this world can heal.

This is my life's purpose as it is yours 

and I pray God allows myself and all of us to make our lives and this world a safe beautiful blessing for us, our family, our children, and their children forever and forever be in

God's grace.

To everyone in the world,

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son,

and God's love is forever

We Love You Godbless

©2020 We Love You Godbless