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Building Faith With Ben Breedlove

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

This is Ben Breedlove;

A beautiful soul God has comforted in ways this world could not.

He helped shine a light within millions including me with his YouTube video "This Is My Story".

During the time in 2011 when I was having dreams and visions given to me by God, I dreamt of someone making a video which had an important message following different methods of suicide attempts on camera. It scared me to the point while in the dream, I started blinking my eyes until I woke up.

A few days later my girlfriend said I have to watch a video on YouTube that recently went viral about a boy who went to heaven; knowing her and I are on the journey of further finding God, she knew it interest the both of us. The moment I saw the cover photo to Ben's YouTube video; my heart, my jaw, my everything dropped. That was the boy in my dream I saw and I couldn’t stop saying it throughout the video because I knew that everything he was saying was going to be possibly one of the greatest messages; even before he said it as the dream God showed me indicated.

I watched the video, cried while watching it and immediately following the end of the video I looked up Ben Breedlove to get in contact with him. That was when I learned he had passed away less than a week before I saw the video on Christmas 2011. I went into shock for many reasons, but as I gained my composure, I found God and peace more.

Now that I think about it, I think I sent a message to his family to help bring them

Since then Ben Breedlove has been on my heart and soul as well as the message he gave the world and the faith I gained with God.

Ben, forever thank you for being beautiful and everything you were meant to be. Know that everything We Love You Godbless will ever do, you will always be one of the countless to thank for it and we will forever thank God for giving us the beautiful blessing that you are.

Thank you again Ben and We Love You Godbless


This is the verse I dedicated to Ben and wrote a few days after I learned he passed. Like a lot of my music, I've displayed it very few times but this past summer I posted this recording of it on Instagram.

A little over a week ago, Ben's mom liked and commented on the video. She brightened my day so much I'm still smiling and looking forward to speaking with her again and God willing meeting her and the family.

I can't wait to inform them of all the changes

We Love You Godbless plans to do and how much myself and all of us want to thank them and Ben for being who they are with all the love they have and sharing it with all of us.

Thank you Ben, Deanne, and all the Breedlove family and friends.

We love you and Godbless you all forever

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