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What is Aquaponics (Self Growing Gardens)

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Aquaponics is one of the main focuses of We Love You Godbless as it can provide an endless supply of food, medicine and help us find and fund more solutions to our everyday problems.

This is a video that explains aquaponics by Murray Hallam. We've recently contacted him as we hope to receive help from him and other pioneers of aquaponics. You can visit his website and checkout his public program and history at

This is only a example of what we plan to do in churches, homes, neighborhoods and more to provide food, medicine and more to all those in need.

From providing free Aquaponics gardens, food and medicine to disaster areas, poverty and hardship stricken areas and homes;we want to end hunger and treat as much illness as possible in the world as soon as possible.

For questions about our Aquaponics program and when can we build one for you, your community, and church, please email us at with "Aquaponics" as the subject at

Stay tuned for more updates

Have a beautiful and blessed day

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