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Exposing Evil & Building Faith

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Life can be difficult; from illness, war, hunger, and other plagues that scar individuals, families and humanity as we know it .

It can be more difficult to comprehend or begin to find peace in these matters. If we remember and consider there is a battle of good and evil, we can begin to see the reason for everything since the beginning of time.

Keep in mind there was a war in heaven; after that war, a third of the angels were exiled out of heaven and fell to earth where they still are today. Since their fall to earth, they've had high influence over religion, nations, and life as we know it.

Because of Satan we were exiled out of our paradise The Garden of Eden and everyday brings us closer to our destruction.

When we think about life in this sense, it should be easier to understand why illness, war, hunger and other plagues still cause suffering today.

Here's some videos to give more insight on things of the world inspired or influenced by evil that we should guard ourselves against; Build faith against.


John Ramirez

A former satan worshipper from the Bronx, NY who turned his life over to Jesus and exposes what we learned to help protect, build and aide Christians in their spiritual journey

Warning Against Halloween

John Ramirez Story and Testimony

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