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Building Spiritual Ground & Faith

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

The Importance of Spiritual Ground/Strength

On May 20, 2018,

Just a few hours prior to this video, I had one of the worst breakdowns of my life so far. I saw explicit evidence that my relationship with my girlfriend of over 10 years was over as we knew it.

When I discovered that evidence I was flooded with emotions. First sadness then anger/hate; all the depression turned into aggression. All this while she was sleeping in my bed while I was sitting on my bathroom floor crying with anger.

My first impulse was to kick the bed my very hardest then walk away, but I recognized that could still possibly hurt her by accident and I recognized the emotions I was feeling wasn't me. The emotions I felt was something dark and over the years I've learned our nature is love and peace; our nature is the nature of children we all shared until this world made us feel otherwise.

When I realized I did not want to hurt her and that wasn't me I prayed to God until my spirit was renewed. Within minutes, as my tears dried up, and my smile started showing, I continued to pray for the peace I know is in me.

Maybe 20 minutes after first praying, I was more at peace then I was prior to this devastating moment. So much at peace I left out the bathroom and kissed her on the cheek while she was sleeping and forgave her.

Fast forward a couple hours later I made this video and I remember everything felt perfect that day; maybe even more perfect than things feel today.

But I have this video and this event to remind me standing and searching for my ground in the spirit can bring me unconditional peace even in the worst of times.

I post this video again with the story behind it to show and remind you how you can regain your peace even in the worst of times if you stand and seek your spiritual ground. And God, with Jesus as our teacher is the only ultimate unconditional way.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, Godbless

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