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"How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Internet Connection for Faster Speeds"

Blessings everyone :-D

Aside from upgrading many of my home devices to smart devices, I've been streaming on live on Twitch for a few years now; Still learning the ropes but one of the main things I learned is a good Internet Connection/Speed is a must.

In some of my early livestreams, I've had comments from other gamers and more which made me frown upon my internet connection. One of the main comments I remember is someone asking if i was streaming on an "8 Bit" LOL. I didn't fully know what they were referring to but I knew it wasn't a compliment lol.

At that point I did some research and came across Wi-Fi Mesh Systems.

Wi-Fi Mesh Systems are router systems optimized for the average smart house, stream setup, home security and more.

They can replace your internet provider router with potential to have 100+ devices connected simultaneously with no buffer or lag regardless of the various activity on your devices.

Another very big plus with the Wi-Fi Mesh Systems is it's coverage. The average mesh system comes with more than one receiver to optimize the coverage throughout your home which is ideal for large homes with Wi-Fi weak spots within it. Also very helpful for homes with concrete walls which always interferes with internet coverage/speed.

Thank God since using the TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System (Deco S4), I've yet to have any complaints about my home Internet/Wi-Fi connections & no more degrading internet connection comments lol.

Click below to get yours now ;-)


The fastest I've seen my download speed is 1.08 gbps

Doesn't look like 8-Bit to me :-D LOL, jk it's all love ;-)

Godbless & Enjoy Ya'll

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