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Was Feeling Uneasy, Remembered This & Found My Peace Again

Blessings everyone hope all is well & blessed. Been going through more growth during this spiritual journey like everyone & had a moment where I had to center myself & find my peace.

There are many ways to find your peace in life from listening to music, playing video games, meditation & more but most of them seem very conditional. Thank God over the years I've grown my faith to accept & know that all from beginning to end to all of existence, God has a reason/purpose for. From the many endeavors I've lived to the miracles I've noticed that greatly lightened times of hardship, suffering & more; I found a everlasting unconditional peace with God.

Sometimes may need to pray to remind myself of the peace & help it grow during times of hardship but thank God, it's always a subconscious peace that keeps me more centered & calm throughout my everyday moments. Not only in comparison to the reactions to a lot of the world but even in comparison to how I was before I've grown my spirit to this magnitude.

Someone once asked me how do I keep my peace, I replied by remembering God, & all the miracles & life that follows😄🙏

Godbless & have a beautiful blessed night

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