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I Was Fixing my 10 Commandments and This Happened

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I took this video on October 26th 2019.

As I was moving furniture trying to fix my 10 Commandments Plaque, I started praying and meditating until God gave me beautiful Revelation. God reminded me of the time I surrendered my life to him when I was 14 and getting attacked by 30 people including grown men.

It's and experience that shook my world since it happen and God reminded me why I was kept here.

I was kept here to help my family and friends who was going through so much pain and struggle, and when I thought about if I wasn't here to help, I broke down crying.

I can't imagine the hardships they've all gone through without being there to help them; especially my niece Chaira who I realized was conceived the month I got jumped and born 9 months later.

All of the struggles we've endured together were hard but beautiful and it has taught me so many things and matured me in ways that I couldn't have guessed.

It has rebuilt my relationship with God, taught me solutions to health, social, spiritual issues and more and on January 5th 2013, I created We Love You Godbless with the purpose of teaching all this and more to the world to give us all the peace God has given me to shift the world into the blessing it was meant to be.


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